2014 – How did that happen…

So I’m getting back to this blog. Finally moved the URL’s around so this blog will live at the mainegoodeis.com address. It seems like yesterday that we were all worried about Y2K… Now it’s 2014 and life goes on. We are now running a small bakery out of our house, NEGoodies Bakery,  that is open June through  October; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Pan Bread, Whoopie Pies, Cookies and Needhams. Special orders for carrot cakes, Cinnamon rolls and Cinnamon breads are also available. If you’re in the area stop by and check us out or give us a call 207-649-2230!
George & Terri

bakery1 bakery2 bakery3

Who Coupons?

I DO! in the old days, I’m talking the early 80’s, we used to coupon in a big way. Some how that stopped over the years. Recently with prices rising, me being out of work for 15 months now, and having a lot of time on my hands we have re-entered the couponing world.

When we first got married we lived in Auburn, Maine. It was a huge event, back then, to travel to Waterville, Maine to a store that doubled coupons. Now the only store that doubles locally is Shaws. Now there seems to be many more very nice bargains at the national drug stores. So with very little effort you can purchase your shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, deodorant and many other personal products for pennies on the dollar or free.

Get a Sunday paper and look at the weekly flyers for CVS, Rite-Aid, Wallgreens and you will be amazed. If you keep the weekly coupons you will find in a couple of weeks the items that have coupons will magically come on sale and offer real savings. Grab an RSS feed from a couple of the couponing blogs and they will direct you to the best deals weekly. I use coupon mom and surviving the stores.

My latest trip to Wallgreens cost me $34.23 for a total of $94.62 before coupons and sales. Not bad for less than an hour of effort! Picked up some toilet paper, Starbucks double shots, 2 laundry detergent, 4 deodorants and a couple of Christmas gifts ;~) In addition I walked away with a rain check for 4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste at 2 for $2 and I have 4 $1 on one coupons so they will be free when they re-stock their shelves!

Give it a try!

Just like Wal-Mart!

Yesterday was the first sunny day above 60 here this year. So the mother hens decided to take their baby chicks for a walk. Apparently they decided to become our home’s greeters by planting themselves next to our front door. All the chicks have been digging in the gardens around the house this year so we’re just like Wal-Mart… greeters and no gardens out front!

Hen Cam

I bought some wireless inferred cameras some years ago and decided to set up a hen cam to watch the chickens setting on the nests. We tried to hook the camera to out regular TV and it seemed to be too far from the chicken coop. Bright ides!, I have a TV in front of my treadmill with a VCR hooked to it. I put the camera’s feed in the back of the VCR and now I get to watch the chickens as I walk on my treadmill.

Spring is in the air…

We have raised chicken for years and have always collected all the eggs and hatched most. This year, with 12 bantams as our only chickens, we thought it would be fun to let them hatch their own babies. Well we are learning a lot about what goes on in the hen house… First of all there seems to be a sense of sharing going around. We have 7 hens on eggs. Two of the egg holes have two hens in each and they seem to rotate from nest to nest. Doesn’t seem to matter which hole they sit in after they stretch and get some food they jut go to any hole with eggs and sit there.

A little late for Easter…

I have a full incubator of colored eggs that will hatch the Monday after Easter. These are beautiful blue eggs that will hatch brown colored chicks. The breed is Araucana and they will also lay colored eggs when grown. A fun change from the boring brown or white eggs.

Araucana Eggs

Araucana Eggs

Not my Chicken…

Recently we have noticed an intruder / visitor. There seems to be a wild rooster that has been living in the woods behind our property. Spring is in the air and as nature would have it here comes the rooster to check out our chicks. He is a full grown Old English Rooster and seems to think that he owns the place until our bantam roosters chase him away. It will be interesting to see who wins and where the rooster ends up.

Wild Rooster

Wild Rooster

What’s going on here?

I was walking through the local Wal-Mart and spotted this interesting sight:


Is this a new marketing initiative or just a customer who changed their mind on a purchase. Obviously it was a customer who didn’t want the lemons and lime that they initially put in their cart, or was it? As the minutes ticked by, while I stood in line to give up my money for severely overpriced packaged dog food, I began to wonder. Maybe this was a glimpse into the future. Imagine peg boards full of fruit in bags, packages of steaks dripping from the hooks, prescription drugs in little grab bags, bottles of milk hanging from displays all over the store, HELLO. Sorry, I must have dozed off, why doesn’t Wal-Mart have enough checkout clerks to get you out the door in a shorter amount of time than it takes to walk their 100,000 sq ft store to get 5 items?

April Fool’s Storm…

So yesterday I turned the soil in our raised beds and looked at the grass that will need to be mowed in a couple of short weeks. This morning we were greeted with a blast of winter! At 5 AM there was just a trace on the ground. By 8 AM our lilac bush looked like this:

Lilac bush

We’re expecting 8 – 12 inches by tomorrow morning with power outages… My UPS’s are beeping so I’ll wrap this up! Welcome to Maine!

First Chicks of the season…

I may be pushing the season a bit but our first batch of feather footed bantam chickens have hatched. We got 16 healthy little guys and they are all eating and drinking. I have some of them sold and they will be leaving tomorrow for theit new home in Auburn, ME. I thought winter was past us but this morning the temp was 18 degrees and the chicken water had frozen solid. We cleaned the cook last week and put the water heater away for the summer… oops. Here are a couple of pictures of the little guys!

New Chicks

New Chicks